Passport Renewal

About the Application

I forgot to put my middle name on the application. May I handwrite it in?
Yes. You may make handwritten amendments to your application.

About the Process

My current passport only lists my middle initial but I would like my new passport to have my full middle name. May I simply enter my middle name on the renewal application to have the new passport reflect it?
No. In order to update the middle name on your passport, you must apply as a first-time applicant, using the DS-11 application and appearing person at an Acceptance office to obtain a sealed package. Additionally, you must also provide identification showing your middle name.

Why is the government fee $170.00? I'm showing it's only $110.00.
When using an expeditor to submit on your behalf, we must pay the $60.00 expedite fee required by the US Department of State. Should you only want to pay $110.00, you will need to process your renewal through the mail and not use an expedited service.

Will the old passport be returned along with my new one when processing my passport renewal?
Yes. You will receive your old passport along with you your new passport.

Will my passport number be the same when I renew my passport?

No. Your new passport will have a new passport number, issue date and expiration date.

Additional Items

What happens to my Global Entry once my passport is renewed?
As a Trusted Traveler, you may update your passport and driver’s license through your TTP account at, so long as you are renewing an existing passport and are not incorporating a name change in the updated passport or it is new document not previously associated with your account.

Once logged into your account, click on “Update Documents” on right hand side of your Dashboard. Follow the prompts to update your document.  Once updated no further action is needed.