Second Passport

About the Application

What application do I use for a second passport?
The same application that is used for a passport renewal (DS-82), is also used for obtaining a second passport.

About the Passport

How long is a second passport valid for?
A second passport is valid for 4 years.

I have a Second Passport but lost my 10 year passport. Is my Second Passport still valid?
Yes. However, when you get a chance, you will need to file your 10 year passport as a lost passport. You may use your second passport as proof of citizenship in lieu of a birth certificate, when replacing your 10 year passport.

About the Process

When applying for a second passport, do I have to submit my current passport as well?
Yes. You must submit your actual 10 year passport along with the supporting documents listed on our site. Your 10 year passport will be returned back to you along with the second passport.