About our Services

Serving the travel community since 1975

Obtaining a visa or passport can be complicated and time consuming. Our proven track record and extensive expertise can get you the travel document needed fast and hassle free.

Expedited Passport Services

Peninsula Visa is licensed with the US Department State as a registered courier company. This gives us the ability to hand carry documents every business day to the US Passport Office for submission — speeding up the time it takes to get a passport.

Expedited Visa Services

We work directly with almost all foreign consulates and embassies to help eliminate the red-tape and streamline the process of obtaining your visa. No matter how stringent the deadline, Peninsula Visa has a track record of being the company than can get it done.

Electronic Visas

Peninsula Visa offers a streamlined approach to obtaining an electronic visa. 

Passport Protect

If your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged we will replace the passport at no additional service charge (government fees apply).


At Peninsula Visa don’t just help travelers make their deadlines — we create and reimagine how people move around the world. Join Peninsula Visa and see how your efforts can truly have a global impact.