How our Courier Service Works


For approved organizations, we offer a complimentary pick-up and delivery of documents. In order to be eligible for this service, your organization must have an account with us. If you're interested in establishing this for your organization, please contact us by clicking here.

Important Notes

  • Documents must be ready with the receptionist when our courier arrives.
  • Documents not ready at the time specified, may result in additional charges for a second attempt. 

  • Couriers cannot call applicants nor wait for packages to be brought to them.
  • Couriers cannot review documents for accuracy. 

How to Schedule a Pick-up

Scheduling a pick-up is done at the time of placing an order through our site. In order to view the option for pick-up, you must use your organizations email ( for either the traveler or contact. Once the email is entered, you will then see the option for Complimentary Company Pick-up under "Document Receiving Method".

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How to Schedule a Return Delivery

After selecting your Complimentary Company Pick-up under "Document Receiving Method", you may then select Complimentary Company Delivery under "Document Return Method" (right below).

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