How to Place an Order

Getting Started

  • Visit our website and click on Visas or Passports
  • Make your selections from the drop-down boxes and click View Requirements

Step 1. View General Information

  • Click on this section to view processing times and fees

Step 2. Gather Required Documents

  • Click on this section to view and access the list of required documents

Step 3. Place Order

  • Once you've gathered the necessary paperwork, click on this section to begin placing your order
  • In the event you are placing the order on behalf of someone else and you don't want them to receive any communication, check the, "Use Contact Info Only" box and proceed below to Contact Information to enter your details.

Step 4. Billing Information

  • The final step of your order, select your processing times and visa validity.
  • Review the Order Summary, enter payment information and click place order

What next?

Once your order is placed, you will immediately receive an email confirmation with your order number and itemized receipt. Your actual documents will then need to be submitted to us by the Receiving Method selected when placing the order.