About the Application

I clicked on the link for the Brazil visa application but my browser is saying it's unsafe. How do I proceed?
If using the Chrome browser, you will want to click, "Advanced" on the bottom left and then click "Proceed to (unsafe)" to access the online application. Unfortunately, this form his hosted by the Brazilian government and there is no way around this.

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I made a mistake on the application. How can I fix it?
Even if you've already printed your application, you can log back in, update it and then reprint a new application. To log back in, you will need to access the Brazil visa application online and then select, "Update Visa Request Form".

About the Passport

Does the passport have to be signed when applying for a Brazil visa?
Yes. The applicants passport must be signed when applying for the Brazil visa. The signature on the application must match the signature on the passport.

About the Visa

How far in advance can I apply for a Brazil visa?
There is no limit as to how far in advance you can apply for a Brazil visa.

Is a Brazil visa valid in an expired passport?
Yes. A valid Brazil visa in an expired passport may still be used pending your name has not changed and you travel with both your new and expired passport.

When does the Brazil visa start?
The start date is based on when the consulate issues the visa, not the travel dates provided on the itinerary. Therefore, the visa is valid from the date of issue at the consulate.