About the Passport 

Does the passport need to be signed when applying for a Germany visa?
Yes. The applicants passport must be signed when applying for the Germany visa. The signature on the application must match the signature on the passport.

About the Process

Can Peninsula Visa process a Germany (Schengen) visa on my behalf?
We can only assist travelers that have had a previously issued Schengen visa in which their biometrics were taken, have an itinerary showing Germany as their longest place of stay or only country being traveled to, and live within the San Francisco Consulates jurisdiction

About the Visa

Is a Germany visa valid in an expired passport?
Yes. A valid Germany visa in an expired passport may still be used pending your name has not changed and you travel with both your new and expired passport.

When does the Germany visa start?
The start date is based on the date of entry listed on the Germany visa application and flight itinerary provided. You will not be able to enter Germany prior to that date.