India (paper visa)

About the Application

Can I log back in to a partially completed application?
Yes. As long as you made note of your Temporary Application ID you will be able to log back in by clicking on the following link:

How do I reprint the application?
You may reprint the India visa application by clicking on the following link:

I've completed and printed the India visa application for a business visa. Upon review, I noticed Section H "Address of Place of Stay / Hotel" is blank. Should I handwrite this information into the application?
No. This section should be left blank and no action is needed on your end.

I've completed and printed the India visa application. Upon review, I realized I've made some mistakes. Can I go back in and edit my India visa application?
Once you've created and printed an application, it cannot be edited. A new online application must be completed.

The application is asking for my previous India visa number and issue date. I don't remember when the visa was issued and I do not know my previous visa number. How should I answer this?
You may put nine zero's for the visa number and estimate the date it was issued.

The port of entry listed on my application is now different than where I will be entering. Will this effect my visa?
It does not matter if your port of entry has changed from what you listed on your application.

What is my educational qualification on the India visa application?
Below are the meaning for each option available:

Below Matriculation:  Less than a 10th-grade education
Graduate:  College/University Bachelor's degree
High Secondary:  High school education
Illiterate:  No formal education
Matriculation:  10th-grade education
NA Being Minor:  Child who is still in attending school
Post Graduate:  Advanced study beyond college or university
Professional:  Professional or technical training/certification

About the Documents

On the India Particulars form, when the answer is "No" do I leave it blank or say "No"?
Any question in which the answer is "No", you must type "No" into the field. No field can be left blank on the Particulars form. 

About the Passport

Does the passport have to be signed when applying for an India visa?
Yes. The applicants passport must be signed when applying for the India visa. The signature on the application must match the signature on the passport.

About the Process

I cannot use Peninsula Visa and need to appear in person at Cox & Kings to apply for my India visa. Do I need an appointment?
Yes. You must review the procedures and follow the steps for booking an appointment on the Cox and Kings website by clicking here.

I was born in India but now have a US passport. Do I need to have my Indian citizenship renounced in order to apply for the visa?
Yes. You must submit your renunciation certificate along with all other supporting documents in order to apply for the visa. To renounce your citizenship click on the following link: (Peninsula Visa does not assist with this service)

How is my passport returned?
When applying for the Paper Visa, upon completion, Cox & Kings will ship the passport FedEx Overnight to the Present Address listed on the India visa application. The shipment is sent without signature required. There is no alternative option for receiving your passport.

I'm a US passport holder. Can I get a visa upon arrival for India?
No. You must obtain either a paper visa or eVisa prior to departure.

What is Cox & Kings?
The Indian Government has hired Cox and Kings to act as the front office of the consulate. Applicants and third party agencies all must submit through Cox and Kings for visas to be issued.

What is the difference between the India eVisa and India Paper Visa?
Most notably, for US citizens, the paper visa gives you the option to obtain up to a 5 year multiple entry visa whereas the eVisa has a window of entry for 120 days and is good for two entries.

About the Paper Visa

Is a valid India visa valid in an expired passport?
Yes. A valid India visa in an expired passport may still be used pending your name has not changed and you travel with both your new and expired passport.