India (eVisa)

About the eVisa

If I renew my passport, will my India eVisa still be valid?
No. You will need to apply for a new eVisa as the electronic visa is tied to your passport number.

I understand the eVisa is valid for two entries. However, can I travel to multiple cities once I arrive in India?
Yes. You must leave the country and then re-enter, for it to count as your second entry into India.

About the Process

How do I apply for the eVisa through your site?
  1. Click on Visas from the homepage
  2. Select your information from the 4 drop-down boxes
  3. On the fourth drop-down box, select either Business (Electronic) or Tourist (Electronic)

How do I receive my eVisa?
Once your eVisa has been approved, you will be emailed an official document stating your eVisa has been approved. You will need to print and carry that with you prior to departure.

What is the difference between the India eVisa and India Paper Visa?
Most notably, for US citizens, the paper visa gives you the option to obtain up to a 5 year multiple entry visa whereas the eVisa has a window of entry for 120 days and is good for two entries