South Korea

About the Application

How do I affix my photo to the application?
The photo must be pasted to the application.

My photo is 2x2in, not the size specified on the application. Will that be an issued?
A 2x2in photo is acceptable for the application. It does not need to meet the size specified on the application.

What do I list for Section 2.8 Details of Sponsor?
This information must match your business letter and include the name, address and phone number of whom you will be meeting with while in Korea.

What do I list for Section 10.2 c Type of Support?
For this section you will need to state, "Financial".

What date format do I use for the application?
It is recommended you use the following date format: yyyy/mm/dd

About the Passport

About the Visa

Is a Korea visa valid in an expired passport?
No. A new visa must be obtained.

When does the Korea visa start?
The start date is based on when the consulate issues the visa, not the travel dates provided on the itinerary. Therefore, the visa is valid from the date of issue at the consulate.