United Kingdom

About the Passport

Does the passport need to be signed when applying for a UK visa?
No. The applicants passport does not need to be signed when applying for the UK visa.

About the Process

I had my biometrics taken for a previous UK visa. Do I need to have them taken each time I apply?
Yes. You must have your biometrics taken each time you apply for a visa.

I received an email from the consulate stating, "Your UK visa has been printed". What does this mean?
This email is confirming your visa has been printed but has not yet been affixed to your passport. Typically, the visa is placed in the passport within three business days of receiving this email.

About the Visa

Can I travel to Ireland with a UK visa?
If you are a national of one of the countries listed here and enter the UK as a destination first, not transit, then you may also enter The Republic of Ireland without a separate visa. Additionally, we advise contacting the airline you are flying prior to departure as this rule could change anytime without notice. 

I'm traveling to the UK and a Schengen country, which visa do I apply for first?
You must apply first, for the country you will be visiting last. For example, if you're first traveling to UK and then Germany, you must first apply for the Germany visa and then the UK visa.

Is a UK visa valid in an expired passport?
Yes. A valid UK visa in an expired passport may still be used pending your name has not changed and you travel with both your new and expired passport.

When does the UK visa start?
The start date is based on the date of entry listed on the UK visa application and flight itinerary provided. You will not be able to enter the UK prior to that date.